Our HR vision

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Development of Talents

The Club Med Spirit, upheld by G.O and G.E teams and shared with customers, is at the heart of our difference and the unique experience that each one may experience in the company. This spirit, the combination of professionalism and conviviality, is spawned in the talent of G.Os and G.Es.

Unique positioning

Club Med, beyond the life experience it offers its staff, G.Os and G.Es, villages or offices, proposes a unique model in terms of career and employability. The very nature of the jobs is a source of motivation, intense life experiences, rich in exchanges, all in an international environment.

Enjoy yourself

At Club Med, each employee has the possibility of experiencing "the happiness of self-revelation" As a real social ladder, Club Med enables many G.O's and G.E's to progress in the company and take on managerial functions. Likewise, internal mobility from villages to headquarters and offices has been developed.

The Talent University

The Development of Talents is essential for Club Med which set up a Talent University in 2006. Its mission is precisely the long-lasting development of this precious asset thus implemented thanks to the involvement of 2 other key players, the G.O/G.E and his/her manager who, in Club Med culture, has a specific responsibility in accompanying teams.