Salesperson/Tour Leader

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    May 2007
  • Villages :
    Otranto, La Pointe aux Canonniers, La Caravelle, Palmiye, Club Med 2
  • Training :
    BA in Tourism
  • Sales person/Tour Leader
Key phrase
Being a G.O at Club Med is the ideal job

Why did I apply to Club Med? Because it is a major Tourism player and I have always loved travel and wanted to discover new horizons and new cultures. I also knew that in joining this company, I could take part in shows and thus express my second passion: dance. For me, being a G.O at Club Med is the ideal job

I have worked for quite some time as a Salesperson / Tour Leader at the Club. On a daily basis this means developing sales of Discovery services and accompanying G.Ms on bus or boat excursions. It is a really challenging job. Firstly because it encompasses real financial issues and because a group can include up to 50 people and you have to manage them all while keeping cool! It's an art!

To be a Discovery G.O, you need to be curious and open-minded, like to discover new cultures and, of course, speak a few foreign languages. It also demands an ability to adapt. For example, on Club Med 2, the Club's cruise liner, every day, every week you visit a different village... It's exciting and very captivating but you always need to keep yourself informed and want to learn more.

And that's what I like about the Club. It's being able to push back my boundaries, learn more all the time. For example, my first village was Otranto, in Italy. When I arrived I didn't know this country and didn't speak a word of Italian. I was then lucky enough to share my room with a Sicilian G.O. who taught me Italian in just 6 months. If you are open-minded and have good interpersonal skills, you learn fast!